Go: A memoir of wanderlust and anxiety

GO: A memoir of wanderlust and anxiety

Sara Moss knew she had to go. Taking photos of cranky cruise ship passengers was not the adventure she planned. But adventure — real adventure — dissolves plans and delivers colourful bruises. During more than a decade of exploration, through close to 40 countries, Sara discovers flashpoints of intense loneliness and unrivalled joy.

GO is Sara’s great escape from the Aussie bush to an induction to journalism in the nation’s capital; from hard labour at sea, to writing travel articles for trade and glossy pages, while looking for what’s beyond them. Sara walks naked through a San Francisco bath house, learns how to cook buffalo’s testicles, and scrambles to find a reliable map for a healthy marriage.

GO is about the monkey-grip of internal and external shifts. About the courage needed to take faltering leaps into the unknown. Whether it is a new country, a new love or a new part of yourself. Take a breath, a deep one, and go.


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Readers have been saying...

“I loved this book! It is real and raw, brave and beautifully written. It made me laugh and cry. I would recommend this book to anyone with a love of travel and a pull towards self-development, whether you suffer from anxiety or not.”

Jane — Australia

“It’s poetic, melancholy, hopeful, and stayed with me while I was reading it, and after I was finished.”

Claire — USA

“The author describes her physical and emotional world with equal simplicity and elegance. Overall, an insightful memoir with thought-provoking moments where you’ll see yourself reflected in Sara’s journey. A must-read on any book list.”  

Amanda — New Zealand

“I couldn’t put it down, but then I didn’t want to finish it.”

Mikayla — Australia

“Sara Moss has lived and experienced enough to fill at least four regular person’s lifetimes. Ultimately, this beautifully-written memoir reminds us the story is never over unless we say it is.”

Eleanor — UK

“Oh wow, what a book! So beautifully written, with the right momentum and such truth.”

Megan — Australia


“Some travel books are good because they give helpful information about the places the author has been. Some are good because they share spellbinding stories of the author’s experiences. Some are good because they capture how the author felt while traveling and invite the reader to share those feelings. GO is a rarity among travel books in that it does all three, and does them really, really well. Don’t miss it.”

james — usa

Go: A memoir of wanderlust and anxiety

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About the author

Sara Moss is an Australian writer and author with a love of creativity and good design. She’s worked with big and small business, entrepreneurs, governments, travel guides and magazines — primarily as a writer, but also a photographer, editor and UX practitioner. She’s travelled to 40 countries, lived in a few, and currently calls Sydney’s Northern Beaches ‘home’. GO: A memoir of wanderlust and anxiety is her first book.

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