first: thank you.  

It means more than you may know that you’re here. Of all the books in all the world, you gave your time and attention to my indie-published debut.

I know that bittersweet-finished-book feeling creates a beautiful space for contemplation but it also reveals our human struggle with letting go. Today, you don’t have to. Today, there’s more! 

Download GO deleted scenes here. (PDF, 11.3MB)

This bonus includes a scene critique (that you may appreciate if you’re an aspiring author); and a section titled A letter to every human who makes it this far. That’s not a deleted scene. I think you’ll like it.

I’d also love to send you my monthly notes from the studio — if that sounds good, please leave your details here. You’ll get an email with a bonus straight away; just check your junk mail for any unceremonious landing there, mark it as ‘not junk’ and add sara@hellosaramoss.com to your safe-senders list. That will ensure you get the few VIP emails too ;-)

With love,